Also happening this weekend while I’m in Jersey is some quality time with my beloved brother-in-law.

I can’t say enough about Thomas, really. From the moment Kerry brought him home, it’s pretty much been an all-out, family-wide love affair with this kid. He is exactly the person I hoped my baby sister would find.

Earlier this year, Kerry was in Florida for four months, training for a new job. Thomas, when unsupervised, gets ideas. Big ideas. Like, let’s relocate the door to the basement stairs. Indeed, let’s move it from the kitchen to the living room. Let’s also install some new kitchen cabinets, move the appliances around, and close up a window.

And when we’re done with that, let’s build a pizza oven. A wood-burning pizza oven. In the backyard.

Barrington, NJ, 2010

To add to the glory of the pizza oven, T also makes his own dough and his own mozzarella. Did I mention I love this kid?

Barrington, NJ, 2010

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