Monday Brain Dump

Adorable that I’m already falling back on verbal vomit after, what, two and a half weeks of “blogging”? Yeah, well. I’ve convinced myself that it’s better than nothing.

1. On Saturday, I went to the most beautiful grocery store I’ve ever seen, the Whole Foods in Friendship Heights. If I had children, I would send them to school in the parking deck of this grocery store.

On the way out, in a rush to pick up Lemmonex and the Maiden Metallurgist for brunch, I dropped my Zipcard and my parking ticket down a crack next to the emergency brake and into the vast pit of the console.  Being my father’s daughter, I cursed a lot and started pulling the plastic console out of its housing. I got the Zipcard back. There’s nothing else to say about this.

2. Speaking of Lemmonex, she’s back at the blogging.  Check out

3. I cooked a lot this weekend. On Saturday, I made baked salmon fillets with cauliflower mash. Sunday night, it was this crispy baked teriyaki chicken and this sauteed corn off the cob.

4. A couple of incredibly frustrating days at work, plus a weekend dedicated to trying to recover from those days, have all combined to knock me off my routine. Upside: Reminds me to be less rigid, to embrace the unexpected. Downside: I’m so damn rigid that I have a hard time taking a schedule and adapting it — I’m much more likely to just pitch the whole damn thing.

Looks like it’s going to be another stressful week, so I’m going to just meditate on this and try to roll with the punches this week. I promise something more thoughtful tomorrow.

San Francisco, CA, 2010

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