At My Feet

Tonight, after dinner, I walked a couple of blocks before ducking into a cab. It is a beautiful summer night, albeit a bit warm. I stopped for a few minutes in a small park to take in my surroundings.  The brightly-lit building in front of me looked a bit different than the last time I saw it.

Washington, DC, 2010Too often, I forget to pick up my damn head and look around.  I forget that I live in a vibrant city that is so much more than complaints about Metro service and gossip about housewives–real or otherwise–and gourmet cupcakes.

We all do this. We all get absorbed in the details of our lives and go cross-eyed focusing on the end of our own noses. That’s one of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with photography–it lets me really see the city and reminds me to broaden my focus so I don’t lose sight of what’s all around me.

Washington, DC, 2010

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