Glorious, glorious Saturdays. The weekend is new and stretches endlessly before me. It’s okay that I overslept by an hour – I must have needed it. The coffee tastes spectacular. The sun is a pure gleam, the Metro is on schedule, the women’s drum line is in Farragut Square this morning, I feel tall and thin and smile at strangers on the street.

The accidental discovery of deep woods and a walking trail on the ground of the National Cathedral leave me wondering at this city and its secrets yet again. The sky was a peerless blue today, rendering the cathedral even more dazzling.

Washington, DC, 2010

A glass of wine on the roof as the sun dips below the trees to the west and the wafting scent of lasagna in the oven leave me deeply content with my day.

How was yours?

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One Response to Saturday

  1. maggie says:

    what a gorgeous viewpoint.

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