She Lives!

I’ve been a shitty blog proprietor, but it’s good to see that the foreclosure sites and the auto insurance sites are still giving me hits…

Spent most of the last week in Charleston, at a conference with a friend/former co-worker. This was the view from the turret of his room:

Charleston, SC, 2010Yeah, a turret. David’s room had a turret. I have nothing more to say on this topic.

It was nice to be at a conference with someone, though it allowed me to avoid NETWORKING and MAKING NEW FRIENDS and PERSONAL GROWTH. But I’m over it.

Charleston, SC, 2010Hope to get back to regular postings this week. I’ve been directing my writing energy elsewhere lately, but I’m hopeful I can find some balance, or at least leave a little in the tank for this endeavor.

In the meantime, here — butterfly.

Charleston, SC, 2010

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