The City That Might, One Day, Love Me Back

Spent the weekend in Philadelphia, my growing-up city, the place where I first bought cigarettes, the city where I first honed whatever street smarts a suburban New Jersey girl has picked up, the city I still consider a pole star.

Philadelphia, PA, 2010I’m not nearly ready to leave Washington, but Philadelphia is always on the outer edges of my radar screen, the place where I could live, the place where I could be happy, the place where I could make a life.

But a small part of me worries it might be too close to home. I’m a shy girl and a somewhat socially lazy girl who is content to slip into the shadow of someone else and let her life be defined by other people’s priorities. If I moved back to Philadelphia, would I be willing to fight the tide that would pull me back to being just someone’s daughter and just someone’s sister? Would I put in the work that would be needed to create my own life?

Philadelphia, PA, 2010Dunno. Maybe.

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