Remember this?

Washington, DC, 2010Stuck inside for days, the littlest things became the biggest deals in a desperate attempt to keep myself entertained. I’ll make cookies! I’ll change my sheets! I’ll go stare out the front door of my building at all the goddamned snow!

I’m feeling snowpocalypse-y today. I suppose the non-made-up word would be “nesting.” I want to hunker down and think small. Should I read the newspaper before or after I make some lunch? After I dry my hair, maybe I’ll flat-iron it! Oooh, The Devil Wears Prada is on…again.

I think maybe I’m conserving energy before the swirl of the next couple of weeks of shopping and parties and home for the holidays. Whatever it is, I’m going to sink in and let myself enjoy it.

Here’s to thinking small.

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