Merry Freaking Christmas

Between me and my sister, I’m the one who is more sentimental about things, I think. The childhood ornaments we still have are mostly mine.

There’s this gem, the classic styrofoam circle covered in felt with foil thingers glued to it.

Barrington, NJ, 2010

This one, made at a Brownies meeting, I believe, is helpfully dated 1981. I was eight years old.

Barrington, NJ, 2010

And then there’s the timeless popsicle stick/glitter masterpiece which I like to think expresses both the hope and despair of the holiday season.

Barrington, NJ, 2010

But perhaps my favorite is the personalized teddy bear family ornament procured at the mall kiosk. Please note that the names of the men my sister and were dating that year have been removed with turpentine. My sister’s boyfriend’s name was later replaced by that of our dog. My boyfriend’s name was not replaced.

Barrington, NJ, 2010

I am proud to take a stand against revisionist history.

Also, I will likely die alone, in a gutter, like a dog. C’est la vie.


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