A Brief Political Interlude

I’m not a hugely political person. This despite having worked in politics (for Republicans) for much of my career, this despite being a to-the-bone Democrat. Most of the time, I shrug at the silly theater of “No new taxes!” and “Winning the future!”

I’m also leery of jumping on the bloggy bandwagon, but this evening, after being moved by Lemmonex’s tweet to make a donation and after reading Suburban Sweetheart’s fantastic post, here I am, standing with Planned Parenthood.

I know that the Pence amendment will die a most deserved death in the Senate. So what Rep. Mike Pence did by offering his amendment and what the United States House of Representatives did by approving it is make my health, my sister’s health, my mother’s health, Lemmonex and Suburban Sweetheart’s health a pawn in their silly, silly game.

The fact that it’s still ok to use women’s reproductive health as the rook on a political chessboard is staggering. No political party tries to score points by threatening research or treatment funding for testicular cancer or prostate cancer. Nor should they. So why, in this day and age, when we have so much important shit to worry about, is it ok threaten to shut down access to the vital services Planned Parenthood provides?

This isn’t about abortion — the federal funds Rep. Pence tried to zero out today don’t fund abortion, but they do fund STD and HIV testing and prenatal care. These aren’t luxuries for women or for the men they sleep with or for the children they carry.

I stand with Planned Parenthood. Click here to write to your Congressional representatives and click here to donate.

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3 Responses to A Brief Political Interlude

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  2. lexa says:

    It is just infuriating. Yet, the internet seems to be mobilizing many people to donate and write their representatives; this means something.

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