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Inspiration, That Bastard

The thing about this fickle, fickle Internet is this: It giveth and it taketh away. Because of what I do for a living, I didn’t comment on the Penn State events of the week on any social media platform until … Continue reading

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I Need to Lay Some Things Down

I’m sorry I’ve been gone, and I’m sorry I’ve come back for a purely selfish reason, but I tonight I just need the blank white space and the blinking cursor for just a few minutes. A list: My dad is … Continue reading

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I Did A Thing

Last week, I went home (one of three homes — I am a woman rich in emotional connections if not real estate) and did a thing. It wasn’t a big thing; indeed, it was a pretty small thing in many … Continue reading

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I’m running it in my head, over and over, like a movie trailer, like an instant replay of something that hasn’t happened yet. I see the platform, the stairs down to the parking lot. I can feel the hum of … Continue reading

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Up Top

Have I told you how I feel about my roofdeck? Because it’s nothing short of love between us. On my roof, I’m 35 pounds lighter and four inches taller. The wine I sip is a sophisticated vintage only available to … Continue reading

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A couple of quick updates… The foot is so much better. I was released from the boot about two weeks ago, though I played it safe and kept it on through my annual conference. Now I need to figure out … Continue reading

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A Whole Damn Month.

Crap. That’s no good. Wonder if I’d be more faithful to something like Tumblr. Probably not. I am a fickle, fickle beast.

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I’m Not Gonna Write You a Love Song

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, really. Yeah, I’m floating out here singly in a world that seems to more easily make sense of twos. But that’s okay. Shit happens, or in my case, doesn’t. And the argument that it’s … Continue reading

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To Friend or Not to Friend

I am not a football fan. Multiply that feeling times four and you’ll get an idea of how I feel about the faux-patriotic corporate money-gasm that is a Super Bowl. But everything is better when you watch it with Twitter, … Continue reading

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Fell Down, Did Not Break My Crown

Last Wednesday, I slipped on my way into my office building. It was one of those falls where you can’t really explain how it happened, but seconds ago you were upright and now you know with great certainty you no … Continue reading

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