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On Thanksgiving

I’m headed home Wednesday for Thanksgiving in New Jersey. It’ll be our family’s first Thanksgiving with the new member of our third generation, Jack Michael. We’ve always been a pretty nuclear family, just the four of us, five since my … Continue reading

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I Need to Lay Some Things Down

I’m sorry I’ve been gone, and I’m sorry I’ve come back for a purely selfish reason, but I tonight I just need the blank white space and the blinking cursor for just a few minutes. A list: My dad is … Continue reading

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This Is Not My Beautiful Wife

If I were in Cabo San Lucas tonight, as I was supposed to be, things would look different. This would be the pool with the swim-up bar. This would be the man bringing me cocktails. (Though he is bringing me … Continue reading

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Merry Freaking Christmas

Between me and my sister, I’m the one who is more sentimental about things, I think. The childhood ornaments we still have are mostly mine. There’s this gem, the classic styrofoam circle covered in felt with foil thingers glued to … Continue reading

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A Long Strange Trip

It’s been an odd little day. Honestly, it’s been a weird couple of weeks. But I’m all about 30 posts in 30 days — like some odd foreshortened AA routine. Look, me with bedhead on a Hot Wheels!

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Forty Years

Tomorrow is my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Forty damn years.  It is mind-boggling to me to think about that…I can’t get my head around spending that much time with anyone. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that every marriage has … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Today, I took Metro to Amtrak to New Jersey Transit (was supposed to be a train but ended up being a bus) to the car. I hit the back door, went straight for my swimsuit — I’m still kicking myself … Continue reading

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My Longest Relationship, Part Two

Of course, my longest relationship of all is with Mommy. She knows me best and loves me anyway. Love you, Mommy.

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Also happening this weekend while I’m in Jersey is some quality time with my beloved brother-in-law. I can’t say enough about Thomas, really. From the moment Kerry brought him home, it’s pretty much been an all-out, family-wide love affair with … Continue reading

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Bathing Beauties

I’m headed home to New Jersey this week to float around in Mom and Daddy’s pool and bask in the reflected glow of my sister’s enduring friendship with four amazing women she met in college. So while noodling around on … Continue reading

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