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On Thanksgiving

I’m headed home Wednesday for Thanksgiving in New Jersey. It’ll be our family’s first Thanksgiving with the new member of our third generation, Jack Michael. We’ve always been a pretty nuclear family, just the four of us, five since my … Continue reading

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I Need to Lay Some Things Down

I’m sorry I’ve been gone, and I’m sorry I’ve come back for a purely selfish reason, but I tonight I just need the blank white space and the blinking cursor for just a few minutes. A list: My dad is … Continue reading

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I Did A Thing

Last week, I went home (one of three homes — I am a woman rich in emotional connections if not real estate) and did a thing. It wasn’t a big thing; indeed, it was a pretty small thing in many … Continue reading

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Merry Freaking Christmas

Between me and my sister, I’m the one who is more sentimental about things, I think. The childhood ornaments we still have are mostly mine. There’s this gem, the classic styrofoam circle covered in felt with foil thingers glued to … Continue reading

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This morning, I was making my usual head-long charge from Starbucks to the office, teetering in my heels with a cup of coffee in one hand and an overstuffed bag sliding down the opposite shoulder. Perched on the curb at … Continue reading

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Sad Sad Sad

I’ve been doing it again. I’ve been ignoring this little blog. I told someone who very sweetly told me today that they miss the blog that I don’t feel like I have anything to say, but that’s probably not entirely … Continue reading

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I haven’t stayed up to watch Jon Stewart in so long. And oh my God, I want to be Canadian. I still hate Oprah. I hate her so hard. This is basically filler. Sorry. Homecoming!

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I’m heading to New Jersey once again tomorrow.  This time it will be a family dinner at the Old Rail, one night in my old bed, and then off to homecoming at my alma mater Friday morning. Going back to … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind

I’m back from New Jersey and have an email from the boss that tells me tomorrow’s going to be a long day. I’ve tried to inoculate myself against this with an evening of horrifying reality television. It’s not helping, though … Continue reading

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I love coming home, but I usually start thinking about getting back to Washington about 36 hours in…this trip is no exception. Back tomorrow. More then.

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