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A Whole Damn Month.

Crap. That’s no good. Wonder if I’d be more faithful to something like Tumblr. Probably not. I am a fickle, fickle beast. Advertisements

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Fell Down, Did Not Break My Crown

Last Wednesday, I slipped on my way into my office building. It was one of those falls where you can’t really explain how it happened, but seconds ago you were upright and now you know with great certainty you no … Continue reading

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Brought Low

I suppose it’s silly to wonder why I can’t put a pin in a particular moment of a particular day, wrestle it to the ground and declare, “THIS! This is how today will be categorized! As a good day! As … Continue reading

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Mopey Bullsh*t

Sometimes the thing we never had is the hardest to lose. I believe this sentiment was first expressed by Linus, of the Peanuts School of Philosophy. One Art The art of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem … Continue reading

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The Real Me

Among my core truths: I am profoundly shy. Dazzlingly awkward. Monstrously uncomfortable. I don’t think it shows most of the time — I can gin up a personality ten stories high, can strap on a set of brass ones that … Continue reading

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Not Easy

This here blog-writing shit is hard. I am sorry I ever mocked someone’s post about laundry day or their kid’s poopy diapers. Because I find that I have little to say most nights. And I try to soothe myself — … Continue reading

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Black Bridge

In first and second grade, my best friend in the world was named Adrienne.  She had beautiful curly red hair.  I lived on Fourth Avenue and she lived on Tenth. One day, Adrienne invited me home to play after school. … Continue reading

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Gratuitous List of Online Dating Nightmares

[This week has ground me to a fine powder. I can’t pull together 140 characters, much less sophisticated, compelling prose, so I humbly offer you my humiliation for your entertainment. XO.] The following, in no particular order, are the most … Continue reading

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Bold Gestures

Despite the personality I strap on for most of my encounters in the world, I am at the core a pretty shy person.  Reserved.  And a little insecure. Not inclined to bold gestures, devil-may-care approaches, or, you know, making eye … Continue reading

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