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On Thanksgiving

I’m headed home Wednesday for Thanksgiving in New Jersey. It’ll be our family’s first Thanksgiving with the new member of our third generation, Jack Michael. We’ve always been a pretty nuclear family, just the four of us, five since my … Continue reading

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Up Top

Have I told you how I feel about my roofdeck? Because it’s nothing short of love between us. On my roof, I’m 35 pounds lighter and four inches taller. The wine I sip is a sophisticated vintage only available to … Continue reading

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Fell Down, Did Not Break My Crown

Last Wednesday, I slipped on my way into my office building. It was one of those falls where you can’t really explain how it happened, but seconds ago you were upright and now you know with great certainty you no … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Happy New Year! Wanna read 300 words about my resolutions? No? Good, because I didn’t make any. Again. I know, I’m totally resting on my I-quit-smoking laurels. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss smoking? No? Because OH MY … Continue reading

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Here, Enjoy My Self-Indulgent Bullshit!

Y’all, I got nothing. NOTHING. I haven’t taken a photo that features anything more than an unartfully positioned diet Coke can in weeks. See? I don’t know. Everything this week seems underwater-y, seems round and wobbly, seems without compelling edges … Continue reading

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I don’t have anything original or groundbreaking to add to the outpouring of analysis or sorrow over what happened in Tucson this weekend. I worked in the House of Representatives and I worried about the safety of my boss when … Continue reading

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This morning, I was making my usual head-long charge from Starbucks to the office, teetering in my heels with a cup of coffee in one hand and an overstuffed bag sliding down the opposite shoulder. Perched on the curb at … Continue reading

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Remember this? Stuck inside for days, the littlest things became the biggest deals in a desperate attempt to keep myself entertained. I’ll make cookies! I’ll change my sheets! I’ll go stare out the front door of my building at all … Continue reading

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Love / Hate

This was the kind of weekend I simultaneously love and hate. My lonely side loved the out-and-about nature of it, the hours of intense with-people time, the train-to-the-cab-to-the-train-ness of it. The side of me that is desperately in need of … Continue reading

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Sad Sad Sad

I’ve been doing it again. I’ve been ignoring this little blog. I told someone who very sweetly told me today that they miss the blog that I don’t feel like I have anything to say, but that’s probably not entirely … Continue reading

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