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I Need to Lay Some Things Down

I’m sorry I’ve been gone, and I’m sorry I’ve come back for a purely selfish reason, but I tonight I just need the blank white space and the blinking cursor for just a few minutes. A list: My dad is … Continue reading

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A couple of quick updates… The foot is so much better. I was released from the boot about two weeks ago, though I played it safe and kept it on through my annual conference. Now I need to figure out … Continue reading

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What Makes It Better?

I’ve had one of those days. One of those frustration-trending-toward-tears days. One of those get me out of here, get me a drink, get me a padded room kind of days. One of those days that fits in perfectly with … Continue reading

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The List (Get On It)

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve figured some stuff out. I’ve identified my strengths and weaknesses, I have found talents hidden and underutilized. I know how I handle stress and under what conditions I usually succeed. I’ve long been a fan … Continue reading

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She Lives!

I’ve been a shitty blog proprietor, but it’s good to see that the foreclosure sites and the auto insurance sites are still giving me hits… Spent most of the last week in Charleston, at a conference with a friend/former co-worker. … Continue reading

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I’m feeling pulled and pushed and dragged and hog-tied this week. (Yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday. I’m just sayin’.) I am not doing my best at work, I am not doing anything at home except piling clothes on the … Continue reading

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A Good Night

I moved to Washington just over four years ago, to work on Capitol Hill for a member of the House of Representatives. I came to the Hill fairly ignorant about federal politics, beyond what I read in the papers.  And … Continue reading

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Because Life Is Short, and You Too Are Thirsty

I worked late, late, late tonight and when I stepped out around 8:30 to grab dinner, I could see that our corner of the building was the only spot ablaze with light, shining way up there on the eighth floor. … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind

I’m back from New Jersey and have an email from the boss that tells me tomorrow’s going to be a long day. I’ve tried to inoculate myself against this with an evening of horrifying reality television. It’s not helping, though … Continue reading

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Monday Brain Dump

Adorable that I’m already falling back on verbal vomit after, what, two and a half weeks of “blogging”? Yeah, well. I’ve convinced myself that it’s better than nothing. 1. On Saturday, I went to the most beautiful grocery store I’ve … Continue reading

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